Spring Trend Colors: Your spring will be colorful!

Discover spring trend colors that will make your wardrobe bloom! Vite EnVogue presents the season's hottest shades that will refresh and enliven your look. From sky blue to lavender - be inspired by our selection and give your outfit the latest trend. Immerse yourself in the world of our Spring Trend Colors now!

Spring Trend Color Skyblue


Skyblue is a trend color that embodies lightness and freshness. Inspired by the soft tones of the sky on a clear day, Skyblue radiates calm and serenity. This color is reminiscent of endless expanses and lets your thoughts wander into the distance. Skyblue lends outfits an airy elegance and a touch of playfulness. Skyblue is a refreshing choice that brightens the mind and lifts the spirit.

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Red is a powerful trend color that attracts attention and arouses emotions. With its passionate radiance and dynamic character, red gives every look an instant impact. This color stands for energy, determination and sensuality. Red is a statement that expresses self-confidence and individuality - be it in the form of an eye-catching garment or a bold lipstick. Red sets strong accents and leaves a lasting impression.

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Spring Trend Color Red
Spring Trend Color Baby Pink

Baby Pink

Baby pink is a delicate and lovely trend color that is reminiscent of sweet dreams and innocence. With its soft radiance and feminine charm, baby pink adds a loving touch to any look. This color stands for tenderness, romance and youthfulness. Baby pink lends every look a playful and girly elegance. Whether as the main color or as an accent, baby pink lends every outfit an enchanting lightness and enchants with its sweet flair.

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Lavender is a graceful trend color that radiates calm and elegance. Inspired by the soft hues of the lavender flower, Lavender adds a subtle sophistication to any look. This color embodies serenity, freshness and femininity. Lavender adds a soft and romantic touch to any outfit and enchants with its calming character.

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Spring Trend Color Lavender

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