Top 5 Investment Bags

Discover the top 5 investment bags at Vite EnVogue now: timeless beauties that are guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment - and not just in terms of quality! Make a fashion statement that lasts forever and grab your investment bag now before anyone else, because each bag is only available once in our store!

Hermès Kelly Bag

The Hermès Kelly Bag is a timeless masterpiece of craftsmanship and an undeniable symbol of luxury and elegance. Named after the actress and princess Grace Kelly who once carried it, this handbag embodies the heritage and sophistication of the Hermès brand. The design of the Kelly Bag is characterized by simple beauty: a structured silhouette, high-quality leather and the characteristic closure system with a rotating "Hermès Touret" clasp. Each bag is made by hand, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. A timeless accessory, the Kelly Bag is not just a handbag, but an investment in elegance and style. Highly prized by fashion icons and aficionados, it remains a coveted object of desire that will be admired for generations.

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Dior Lady Dior

The Dior Lady Dior is a timeless icon of luxury fashion and embodies the incomparable elegance and sophistication of the House of Dior. Originally launched in 1994 and immediately loved by Princess Diana, it has borne the name of the beloved royal ever since. The Lady Dior's signature feature is its grainy cannage pattern, inspired by the chairs in the first Dior salon on Avenue Montaigne. This distinctive texture gives the bag an unmistakable aesthetic that embodies luxury and craftsmanship. With its timeless elegance and versatility, the Dior Lady Dior is not just a handbag, but a symbol of style and class. It has endured through the decades and remains a coveted accessory for women around the world who appreciate the luxury and elegance of Dior.

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Saint Laurent Niki Bag

The Saint Laurent Niki bag is a modern interpretation of timeless luxury and urban chic. With its distinctive silhouette and characteristic vintage touch, this handbag embodies the unmistakable style of the French fashion house Saint Laurent. The design of the Niki bag is characterized by soft, quilted leather and an unmistakable pleated look that gives it a sophisticated yet casual appearance. The iconic YSL metal letter on the front rounds off the design and gives the bag a touch of glamor. The Saint Laurent Niki bag is a coveted object of desire for fashionistas all over the world.

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Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Bag

The Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Bag is a coveted creation that celebrates the collaboration between legendary fashion house Louis Vuitton and renowned American artist Stephen Sprouse. First introduced in 2001, this limited edition collection combines Louis Vuitton's iconic LV monogram with Sprouse's bold and rebellious aesthetic. Stephen Sprouse's bag collection for Louis Vuitton is characterized by the use of bold graffiti prints that create an exciting contrast to the traditional LV monogram. This bold fusion of street style and luxury gives the bag a unique and distinctive look. The Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Bag is a coveted collector's item for fashion and art lovers worldwide and a tribute to the creative collaboration between two icons of the fashion industry.

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Chanel Flap Bag

The Chanel Flap Bag is a timeless symbol of elegance and sophistication in the world of fashion. This iconic handbag was first designed by Coco Chanel in the 1950s and has since achieved unrivaled status. With its signature quilted design, distinctive CC clasp and timeless silhouette, the Flap Bag embodies the heritage and luxury of the Chanel brand. Thanks to its timeless elegance and unmistakable design, the Chanel Flap Bag remains a coveted accessory and a symbol of luxury and style that inspires generations.

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