UGG Australia

UGG Boots - a synonym for cosiness. The UGG Australia brand, which was founded in 1978 and is known for its cuddly soft lambskin boots, has its origins in the surfer stronghold of California. But not only water sports enthusiasts like to warm their feet as soon as they come out of the cool water - but also fashionistas worldwide. Since its foundation, UGG Australia has made the leap from the beach to the fashion capitals of the world. Meanwhile, UGG boots have become popular winter boots that are now an essential part of every wardrobe. From UGG boots to UGG bootees and UGG caps, you will find a wide range of first-class second hand designer fashion of the American noble brand in the online shop of Vite EnVogue.

UGG Australia

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UGG Australia

In the 1970s, surfers who stepped out of the cold waves of Australia's Byron Bay often slipped into sheepskin boots once they got to the beach. One of these surfers, Shane Stedman, quietly and secretly applied for a patent on the "ugh-boot" and later "ugh" and sold the rights to his surfer colleague Brian Smith, who distributed the boots in Southern California. In no time at all, UGG boots had established themselves in the local surf community and spread to neighboring coastal areas. This is where Doug Otto came in. Otto, the founder of the Californian Deckers Outdoor Corp. had already carved out a niche for himself on the shoe market at that time and took the UGG boat into his inventory. By 1995, Deckers had purchased the complete UGG Boat design, including all Smith's patents, for more than $12 million.

The rise of UGG Australia and the sheepskin boot

Although Otto had certainly expected that the company's emblematic excursion into winter clothing would pay off, few could have predicted the success of the UGG boots made of sheepskin. Within a few years, UGG Australia, as the Deckers Division was called, would become the most successful mainstay of his label. Indeed, UGG Australia became the driving force behind the American company's renaissance, transforming it into a global powerhouse and its leading product into a luxurious status symbol.

Thus the sheepskin boot became a luxury product

While the UGG Australia brand gained a foothold in the USA at the turn of the century, a large number of Australian "corner shops" continued to produce small quantities of rustic UGG boots. Deckers Outdoor Corp. executives, who worked diligently to transform UGG Australia's image into one of luxury and sophistication, were critical of this. To further build the label's reputation, marketing efforts were directed at high-end boutiques and VIPs in the hope of increasing consumer demand.

In addition, since the UGG trademark is visible on the outside of the shoe, it was easy to spot a cheap fake. If the seams were uneven or crooked, or if some seams were missing at the joints, the product was obviously counterfeit or not the original. The same applied to inflexible soles, because authentic UGG boots have a thick but flexible sole. This strategy seemed to hit the nail on the head - UGG Australia rightly gained in popularity with celebrities and the general public and became a luxury symbol of high quality.

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