Patrizia Pepe

Extraordinary, creative and high quality: The label Patrizia Pepe has set itself the goal of making fashion for people who have a desire for life and know what they want. Since its foundation in 1993, the brand around the founding couple Patrizia Bambi and husband Claudio Orrea has been characterised by a special sensitivity in the selection of designs and fabrics. From the metropolis of Florence, the brand has made an impressive name for itself in its young history. Nowadays Patrizia Pepe no longer only produces clothes for fashionable women, but also for enthusiastic men. The designer still manages to develop her own vision of style in an impressive way with each new collection.

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Patrizia Pepe

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Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe - creativity meets love of detail

As with many great brands, Patrizia Pepe's origins can be found in Italy. Patrizia Bambi and Claudio Orrea lived here in Florence. Bambi had already worked in several companies after graduating in business administration, while Orrea owned a small textile manufacturing company at the time. After getting to know the two creative minds, the first ideas were born to incorporate Bambi's taste more into their own production. In 1991 specialisation followed, and two years later the time had come: Patrizia Pepe launched her first collection under a new name after the official foundation. It soon became apparent that the two knew how to consistently meet their claim: they created unmistakable clothing with which the wearers could identify.

Initial success as basis for further milestones

Often the first drafts and sales decide on how a brand is to be developed. Fortunately, the premiere collection gave Bambi and Orrea enough financial and creative freedom to continue growing. In the following years Patrizia Pepe expanded from her native Florence, where the company is still based today, to other European countries. Only a short time later the Asian market followed. In the following years, the designer also showed a wider range of products in her own range. In 2009, for example, a further milestone was reached when Patrizia Pepe launched her own beachwear line. In addition to the women's collection, the brand also started to create menswear, from sweaters and jackets to elegant polo shirts.

The name says it all

In its collections, the fashion label combines classic elegance with urban, modern styles. It is precisely these fascinating contrasts that create an impressive and thoroughly surprising harmony. Established colours are combined with modern accents. If you are looking for something extraordinary, which nevertheless does not lack suitability for everyday use, Patrizia Pepe is the right address for you. All these facets are also reflected in the name: "pepe" is the Italian word for pepper. You can get the designer second hand fashion with flair in our online shop of Vite EnVogue.

Designer fashion by Patrizia Pepe in the second hand online shop Vite EnVogue

Here you will find selected designer second hand clothes by Patrizia Pepe, which are still mostly made in Italy. Thanks to their traditional and modern elements, the accessories and it-pieces from Florence will not go out of fashion even for a long time. No matter if you are looking for the right fashionable companion for the day at the office or for a walk to the bar at the weekend: Order your favourite piece now at Vite EnVogue and show your unmistakable sense of style in the spirit of Patrizia Pepe.