Golden Goose

The Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, often simply abbreviated to GGDB, embodies the sneaker hype like hardly any other brand on the current fashion market. The brand focuses on sneakers that are reinterpreted in a very modern vintage design. The aim is to create simple and also functional shoes, which at the same time become real eye-catchers due to the new and very stylish design.

Golden Goose

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Golden Goose

Golden Goose - the brand for stylish sneakers

Although the Golden Goose label was only founded in 2000 and is therefore still relatively new to the highly competitive fashion market, it has already been able to make a very good name for itself in the fashion world and assert itself against some competitors in the luxury sneaker segment. Since the founding of the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo in Venice, the brand has relied on the very highest quality for its shoes. The shoes are manufactured according to traditional Italian craftsmanship. Word of this enormous quality spread quickly and was the foundation stone for the success of Golden Goose.

Aufwertung durch besondere Elemente 

However, the quality of the shoes alone did not bring the label to where it is today. Rather, the brand's success is based on the fact that the individual models are always enhanced by certain elements, thus creating completely new and previously unfamiliar shoe models.

One example is the "Superstar" model from Golden Goose. Basically, the sneaker is a normal sneaker, as can be found in many brands, with the exception that it is made entirely of leather. However, there are the typical Golden Goose stars on each side of the shoe. Furthermore, the sole is decorated in various ways, for example with a writing. According to the brand, the shoes should also be able to express the respective individuality. 

Fashion is also available from Golden Goose. But the hobbyhorse of the brand is still the design of shoes. In the course of time, the brand even designed shoes in cooperation with other hip brands such as Bonpoint or OFF-WHITE.

Possible combinations with sneakers from Golden Goose

An extreme advantage of the special sneakers from Golden Goose is that the shoes can be worn in really any context. Whether with skirts and dresses or with classic jeans, whether in the office or at a party - due to the minimalistic but at the same time very stylish design the shoes fit to every outfit and in every situation. So you will also find them in our designer second hand shop Vite EnVogue if you are looking for shoes that accompany and inspire you every day.

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