When people think of luxury fashion, they tend to think of one particular brand: Gucci. Rappers sing about them in their songs, footballers pose in their Gucci jogging suits and even Hollywood stars wear the Italian brand's fashion. Gucci's styles are based on very high quality and glamorous fashion, but without showing off too much. The brand's range includes very simple designs as well as garments with unusual and colorful patterns, so that the most diverse tastes can be found here. We also offer a wide range of Gucci fashion in our designer second hand shop, Vite EnVogue.


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The story behind the fashion power Gucci

Gucci has its origins in the Italian city of Florence, where the brand was founded in 1921 by master saddler Guccio Gucci. At that time it was still a small workshop where various leather goods and luggage were manufactured and sold, but over time more and more Gucci stores were added throughout Italy. 

The final breakthrough for the Gucci brand came in 1947 with the release of a handbag with a bamboo handle, the Bamboo Bag, a bamboo handle only used because other resources were scarce at the time, but the daring design catapulted Gucci to the top of the fashion world.

From that time on, Gucci continued to impress with high quality leather goods and luxury handbags. Gucci stores outside Italy were quickly added and the brand made a name for itself around the world. 

In the 1970s, the brand took a new step and decided to start designing clothing and creating perfumes. Both the launch of the fashion line and the fragrances were very successful, and Gucci finally established itself at the forefront of luxury brands.

Getting back to your own roots

Gucci is currently the most valuable company in Italy, ahead of other brands such as Ferrari or Armani, and ranks 44th in the international Interbrand ranking, which lists the most valuable brands in the world, ahead of major companies such as Ebay. 

If one looks back a little in the history of the brand, however, this development seems anything but self-evident. Gucci's rapid rise in the middle of the 20th century was followed by a crash. After the founder's grandchildren had run the brand down through questionable decisions, including the sale of licenses, the 1980s saw a piecemeal takeover of the brand by an investment company - Gucci lost more and more of its luster and value. 

But the brand managed to emerge from this low. The crisis forced Gucci to change its strategy and began to return to its roots: producing high-quality luxury clothing. In addition, the brand has always relied on very unusual and colourful designs. This combination of exclusive, high-quality fashion on the one hand, and very flashy and colorful fashion pieces on the other, was well received by many customers and kept the company's success story alive.

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