Woolrich is one of the oldest and most traditional clothing manufacturers in the USA. What began in the 19th century as a manufacturer of robust workwear for railway workers and lumberjacks is now one of the most well-known and popular brands for outdoor clothing in the premium segment. With its collections Woolrich proves that outdoor fashion does not only have to be functional, but can also inspire with its elegant design. The jackets, coats and other products of the traditional US manufacturer have been convincing for many decades with an extremely successful mixture of high quality, functionality and design. If you don't want to compromise between quality and appearance when it comes to outdoor clothing, Woolrich is the right choice.


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Woolrich - a label with a long tradition

Woolrich goes back to the immigrant John Rich, who founded a wool spinning mill in Pennsylvania in the USA in 1830 at the age of 25. In the beginning Rich sold simple woollen goods to the lumberjack families in his area. In 1845, about 200 kilometers from his first location, he inaugurated a new spinning mill whose building still exists today and is part of the Woolrich company building complex. The great upswing of the company came in the middle of the 19th century with the construction of the railway. Woolrich began producing workwear, such as robust woollen sweaters, functional flannel shirts and weatherproof parkas, which were very popular with the railway workers. By the end of the 19th century Woolrich was already offering a complete men's collection and was known to men all over America. The red and black checked wool pattern on many products introduced at that time is still a trademark of the label today.

More than just outdoor

Woolrich was allegedly also the first clothing manufacturer in the world to use zippers in men's trousers. Over the years, the company expanded its target group from railway workers and loggers to anglers, hunters, trappers and other outdoor professions. The company also gained greater recognition as a manufacturer of uniforms for the US Army during World War II and as a supplier to Antarctic expeditions in the 1940s. This was the birth of the still legendary Woolrich Arctic Parka, which represented an unprecedented blend of first-class functionality and timeless design. From the middle of the 20th century Woolrich increasingly focused on transforming itself from a manufacturer of robust workwear to a producer of functional outdoor clothing. The development of synthetic materials enabled Woolrich to adapt its clothing, primarily made of wool, to the requirements of sports and outdoor activities. Today, not only men with outdoor jobs and corresponding hobbies are customers of Woolrich, but also women and children can dress themselves with shirts, sweaters, coats and jackets at the US label.

Designer favourites from Woolrich at Vite EnVogue

In the online shop of Vite EnVogue a variety of high-quality products of the traditional US label are waiting for you to dress you from head to toe. The core of our assortment are the exquisite and all-time weatherproof jackets, coats and parkas by Woolrich. With Teflon coating, hoods with real fur trimmings and many other high-quality extras, they will keep you well protected through even the most unpleasant autumn and winter weather. But also for spring and summer you will find numerous matching designer second hand clothes from Woolrich in our shop. The spectrum ranges from blouses and shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters to trousers and dresses. Choose your exclusive new addition to your wardrobe at Vite EnVogue now!