Probably everyone, whether interested in fashion or not, knows Versace. With its unusual styles, some of which take a lot of getting used to, the label conquers the fashion market again and again and is one of the best known manufacturers of luxury fashion around the world. Besides various fashion for women, men and children, Versace is especially known for its elegant and luxurious sunglasses. The brand also offers various accessories such as noble handbags and shoes. The trademark of Versace is Medusa, a sea deity from the ancient Greek mythology, which can be found in the logo of the brand as well as repeatedly on various items of clothing.


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Versace - anything but ordinary

The brand was founded by fashion icon Gianni Versace. Versace, who was born in Italy in 1946, was already very interested in fashion as a boy and began early to help out in his mother's tailor shop. After working for a while as a freelance designer for various brands, he decided to create his own label in 1978 - the Versace brand was born. 

Soon after the brand was founded, Versace became very well known and successful. His heels kept on rising - until the murder of Gianni Versace in 1997, which is still considered one of the most spectacular killings of all time. 

This event plunged the Versace company into a deep crisis, parts of the company, now run by the Giannis sisters, had to be sold. It was only after the turn of the millennium that things started to improve again, so that the company, now run by Giannis sister Donate

Shrill fashion as a trademark

In the first collection of Versace the focus was still mainly on rather calming and striking pastel colours. However, it didn't take long before Versace's course turned 180 degrees. The label began early to focus on extremely daring designs. Thus, the label has always used bright and shiny colours for fashion, then as now. The cuts of the fashion pieces are usually very provocative, the various collections have always included, among other things, very tight-fitting and figure-hugging dresses or short skirts and very wide necklines. Versace was also one of the first brands to launch and popularise very tight-fitting trousers, i.e. trousers with the "skinny" leg. The brand always makes sure that despite all fashion freedom, a certain elegance is still maintained.

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