Fashion labels can also be more eccentric and extravagant. A good example of this is Marni, a company founded in 1994. Designer Consuelo Castiglioni, who founded the label together with her husband Gianni Castiglioni, achieved her breakthrough not least with her eye-catching fur design.

In the early days, she still focused on discreet cuts and looks, but it was only with her new direction that the breakthrough came. Since 1999 at the latest, the label has had a much wider range of fashion pieces. Nowadays, not only women, but also children and men can enjoy the modern designs. Meanwhile, the exciting patterns and material mixes are in high demand throughout Europe.


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Extravagant fashion from a traditional family

It would be wrong to tell Marni's story only when the company was founded. The entire Castiglioni family was already closely involved in fashion decades before. Gianni Castiglioni's father founded the fur fashion company Ciwifurs in Milan as early as the 1950s, which, incidentally, still exists today. A few years before the start of the new millennium, however, furs had to contend with some competition, especially as the fabric's reputation was considered somewhat dusty. Against this backdrop, Consuelo Castiglioni decided to go ahead with his own brand.

The name of the company is derived from her sister's first name. At the very beginning, the designer focused on more classic designs, but this changed shortly after the founding period. Marni soon stood for an unusual surface design, prints with geometric and colourful patterns and daring cuts. The aim behind it: to convey to every woman that she can dress as she likes.

More and more products from Marni

But it is not only women who should be able to enjoy the still polarising fashion. For the courageous designer, furs were no longer the only thing that stood in the foreground. In 1998 the brand first introduced handbags and shoes, at that time exclusively for women. In 2002, Marni launched its first fashion line for men. In addition, the brand added its own lines for sunglasses and children's clothing. A big surprise was the cooperation with a major fashion house in 2012, which, unlike usual, is more at home in the low-price segment.

Despite all the expansions, the label from Italy remains true to its line. Rings, accessories and garments from this house can still be recognized by an eye-catching design feature. The designers combine this with a still noble selection of materials. And even the extravagant colours already point out the prominent origin of the garments to connoisseurs.

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