Marc O'Polo

Loose casual fashion with the highest standards of quality: with this in mind, over 50 years ago the men Rolf Lind, Göte Huss and the American Jerry O. Sheets joined forces in Sweden and founded the fashion label Marc O'Polo. They entered the market with a patchwork shirt that was still hand-woven at that time. Only one year later, the German shareholder Werner Böck bought into the designer brand, thus securing the import to Germany. 

Marc O'Polo

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Marc O’Polo

Fashion from Stockholm to Stephanskirchen into the world

At a men's fashion fair in Cologne, the current managing director Werner Böck discovered the small stand of the designer brand Marc O'Polo and was directly fascinated by the fresh colours. The fashion expert immediately recognised the potential of the hand-woven shirts and blouses and on the very same day registered as an importer in the commercial register with Marc O'Polo Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH.

When the designer brand began to decline in the 80s, Werner Böck bought 40% of the Swedish textile company. In the following years he increased his share in Marc O'Polo and finally moved the headquarters from Stockholm to Stephanskirchen in Bavaria in 1997. Today, the ambitious and determined Böck, whose parents owned a hat factory and later ran a men's outfitter, owns 90 percent of the sales board.

The "O" in Marc O'Polo

With their idea to produce their designer clothes with exclusively natural materials from the Far East, the three founders Rolf Lind, Göte Huss and Jerry O. Sheets did not want to jump on the trend of synthetic fibres at that time. As newly established trendsetters, they only had to combine their business idea with the right brand name, following in the footsteps of the Venetian navigator Marco Polo, who became famous through his reports on his long stays in China in the 13th century. Because the American co-founder Jerry O. Sheets was often inadvertently written with the Irish name "Jerry O'Sheets", the founders knew how to give their designer brand that certain something and called their company Marc O'Polo.

The "O" in Marc O'Polo also stands for their individuality, freedom and self-determination. In addition, the values for the use of selected and good materials have remained until today and are considered an integral part of the designer brand's identity.

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