From sneakers to platform sandals: Hogan shoes are very popular these days. Starting in the 1980s, the brand stands in particular for sports-inspired collections. Like so many successful companies in the fashion industry, the brand originated in Italy: Hogan is part of the brand portfolio of the fashion group Tod's S.p.A., which has been successful for more than a century. The company is now in its third generation, and the heir and businessman Diego Della Valle was responsible for founding Hogan. The love and specialization in the shoe segment has been preserved from the foundation until today.


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Hogan - the sporty trend shoes

Long before the founding of the Hogan brand, a certain Filippo Della Valle decided to set up his own shoe factory at the beginning of the 20th century. His son Dorino, who took over the company, had already forged far-reaching plans for export. At the end of the 1970s at the latest, the step towards an internationally operating industrial group followed. Meanwhile, Tod's son Diego della Valle managed the company.

It was also he who in 1986 found it necessary to make other brands strong with the help of the company's own resources. Although the Italian fashion group could not complain about its success, the new boss still lacked a sporty and modern brand. No sooner said than done: with Hogan he combined traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Within a short period of time, the new shoes conquered the international market, initially primarily in the brand's own flagship stores, and later in other shops and stores.

The great success of the shoe models

Probably Hogan's best-known model was the "Interactive", launched in 1997, which from then on became a symbol for the combination of luxury and functionality. The "Olympia" then managed to combine classic materials such as leather with modern techno-fabrics. To this day, the label continues to present exclusive designer shoes in its collections, which are always popular in the fashion world.

A rather restrained color scheme underlines the casualness in Hogan's claim. In the meantime, bags have been added to the shoes; otherwise the brand remains true to its line and specialization. Even Karl Lagerfeld was so taken with the Hogan brand that he designed new women's shoes and bags for the brand under the name Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld in 2010 and in the following years.

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