Fabiana Filippi 

Cultivated and elegant women are, according to their own statements, the target group of the internationally known brand Fabiana Filippi. Hardly any other company in the fashion sector knows so cleverly how to combine a love of tradition with a high degree of creativity. This can be seen in a fashion that can convince with love of detail and a subtle understatement. Founded in 1985, Fabiana Filippi has been able to build up a remarkable reputation throughout Europe over the past decades. The success story began with a small boutique in her home country. In the meantime, the brand from Umbria has a wide range of products - from classic skirts to fashionable handbags.

Fabiana Filippi 

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Fabiana Filippi 

Fabiana Filippi - passionate craft from Italy

Like so many stories of successful fashion brands, the history of Fabiana Filippi also originated in Italy, more precisely in Montefalco, Umbria. Even before the founding of the company, this place was characterized by its multifaceted history, culture and sober lifestyle. Even the venerable craft was still very much alive here in the 1980s. The two brothers Giacomo and Mario Filippi lived here at that time. Together they decided to use their entrepreneurial and fashion talent to create a fashion house. Sister Fabiana Filippi acted as designer and creative head from the beginning. Her attention to detail helped them to launch a convincing first collection on the market. In addition, only high-quality materials such as cashmere, silk and wool or suede were used.

Successful Europe-wide expansion

Initially, sales activities were still concentrated on the local market. But the two founding brothers wanted more and decided to distribute their products throughout Europe. After initial difficulties, the brand really took off: Today, the label stands for upmarket standards and minimalist aesthetics all over the world. In fashionable cities like Milan, Madrid or Tokyo, the name belongs firmly in the shopping arcades. Despite its success, the company still retains a connection to its homeland: On the one hand, the company still embodies "Made in Italy" in its designs. On the other hand, Fabiana Filippi still makes many fashion pieces in his home country. Thanks to the large number of lovingly incorporated details, stylish knitting patterns and chic applications, the fashion of the two brothers has a high recognition value anyway. Modern innovations such as multi-layer looks and fresh material mixes also provide new impulses in the fashion of the renowned brand. Colour blocking also enjoys great popularity with Fabiana Filippi. Here the label works with subtle tone-in-tone contrasts. For example, the result is a scarf with a beige front and grey back.

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