For more than 50 years, the Italian brand Etro has been an integral part of global haute couture. Founded in 1968 and based in Milan, the designer label has been known from the outset for its elaborate cuts and extravagant pattern and colour designs. The special feature of Etro is that, unlike most other fashion labels, the company produces most of the fabrics it uses itself. The product range of the exclusive Milanese brand is rounded off by textiles, accessories, perfumes, glasses and furniture in addition to fashion. Anyone who wants to dress particularly classy will leave a lasting impression in an outfit from Etro.


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Etro - the success story of a fabric weaving mill

The history of Etro began in 1968, when the then 28-year-old Gimmo Etro founded a small fabric weaving mill together with his wife Roberta. Etro's early preference for exclusive prints and high quality fabrics can be traced back to gimmos numerous journeys through India. In 1983 Etro finally entered the fashion business and launched the Etro label with a small collection of scarves, shawls and ties. In the 1980s, the range was expanded to include leather goods, handbags and home textiles. In 1994 Etro designed its first fashion collection for men and women, which has since been shown at the Milan Fashion Week. Since 2010 the exclusive label has also been marketing women's and men's fragrances.

The fashion of Etro

Even today, you can tell that Etro is a fashion label that goes back to a fabric weaving mill. In contrast to the usual conditions on the fashion market, the Italian luxury label still produces a good 60 percent of the fabrics it uses itself. The brand is primarily known for its use of bright colours and the so-called Paisley pattern, which has been seen on many Etro fabrics since the early 1980s. Etro's still existing fashion philosophy is to develop existing products in a sometimes unconventional way. The company is still run by the Etro family today.

Veronica Etro is responsible for the ladies' collection. Her brother Kean is the designer of the menswear collection. Jacopo Etro takes care of fabrics and leather goods and Ippolito is responsible for the finances. The family business also follows its own path when it comes to pricing policy. In contrast to many fashion labels that have introduced their own collections or sub-brands in various price categories over the years, Etro has remained true to itself as a pure luxury label to this day. The brand exclusively carries an exclusive and high-priced collection for men and women. Etro fashion is sold in over 200 Etro boutiques worldwide.

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