For beautiful people - that's what the fashion label Drykorn, founded in 1996 and based in southern Germany, stands for. Within a short period of time, it has developed into an international fashion label. The company presents elegant garments, mainly made of French and Italian fabrics. Self-confidence and independence are reflected in the fashion of Drykorn, which sets new standards and trends in the fashion world with affordable prices. According to its founder Marco Götz, fashion should be wearable, not dress up. Pragmatic individualists will therefore be particularly pleased with Drykorn's collections.


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Drykorn – wearable fashion for beautiful people

Marco Götz is the creator of Drykorn. He had the basic idea for the now international fashion label: a modern trouser label with products at affordable prices. He wanted to offer every man the possibility to buy high-quality trousers in which he feels elegant and beautiful. He had thus discovered a gap in the market and quickly found approval and great enthusiasm among retailers. The first success was followed by a collection of women's trousers. In 2004 the development into other clothing sectors began. The fashion label knew no stop. Today Drykorn is one of the full-range suppliers. The company is still characterised by low prices that are affordable for almost every professional class.

Drykorn's motto: metropolitan, accessible, progressive

With these three words Marco Götz describes his own fashion label. "For beautiful people" completes the fashion designer's motto. It is embroidered in most of Drykorn's clothes. The brand's garments fit the current zeitgeist. The founder also attaches great importance to the contact with his retailers. After all, this is synonymous with communication with the customer. Drykorn is difficult to compare with others, because the label shines with its uniqueness. One can still expect a lot from the up-and-coming company.

Eike König supports Drykorn

Drykorn met with Eike König in his studio in Berlin for a photo shoot in summer 2020. Eike König is one of the most famous graphic designers in Germany and knows his craft. His work approaches social issues in an emotional, playful and visually appealing way. Therefore, his artistic activity fits perfectly to the fashion label Drykorn. The exchange and cooperation are promising, so that one can look forward to exciting creations in the future. Starting the future together, that is the goal of Eike König and Drykorn.

Hip fashion to feel good from Drykorn in Designer Second Hand

Drykorn fashion is also available in the Vite EnVogue online shop, where we present you individual designer second hand clothes of the brand. Let yourself be enchanted by the fashion of the young label. Emphasize your self-confidence and show who you are. No matter if you are interested in the beginnings of Drykorn and therefore especially looking for designer second hand trousers of the fashion label or if you are looking for other clothing - you will find it at Vite EnVogue. Visit us at Vite EnVogue and enjoy your online shopping tour with selected designer second hand fashion!