Dorothee Schumacher

The German noble brand Dorothee Schumacher stands for feminine designs with a love for detail. Blouses, dresses, jackets, but also accessories and shoes by Dorothee Schumacher have been inspiring the fashion world since 1989, from pleated fabrics to imaginative prints and decorative gemstones: The enchanting style is characterised by feminine silhouettes and dreamy creations. Alongside other German luxury designers such as Iris von Arnim or Jil Sander, the Dorothee Schumacher brand has found its firm place in the fashion cosmos.

Dorothee Schumacher

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Dorothee Schumacher

Exclusive fashion for women designed in Germany - that's a brief summary of the Dorothee Schumacher brand. Whether clothing, shoes or handbags, the brand's range leaves nothing to be desired. The label always focuses on very elegant and very feminine fashion, which always scores with playful elements. One of Dorothee Schumacher's best-selling pieces, for example, is a blouse that is actually very simple and made of delicate fabrics, with an XXL bow at the neck. You can find these designs and much more by Dorothee Schumacher in our shop Vite EnVogue, the store for exclusive and high-quality designer second hand fashion.

Dorothee Schumacher - exclusive fashion from Germany

In 1966 the designer Dorothee Schumacher saw the light of day in Düsseldorf. After an apprenticeship in the fashion house Peek & Cloppenburg, Schumacher moved to Italy, where she wanted to learn all the basics for the production of high-quality fashion in a knitting factory. She used the knowledge Schumacher gained during this time and founded the label Dorothee Schumacher together with her then husband Jörg Singhoff. Since that time, the brand has been based in Mannheim.

The quick success of the label

After founding her brand, Dorothee Schumacher began to develop her first own fashion. Her first collection included only three T-shirts. Schumacher designed them as a kind of rebellion against the established and often considered boring and monotonous business look. The designer used eye-catching serrated edges or satin ribbons in different colours for her shirts, for example, and thus laid the foundation for the style for which she is still so well known and appreciated today: the combination of elegant fashion with very unusual and playful elements. 

Dorothee Schumacher's new designs quickly found great approval in the fashion world. The label received more and more orders, so that it was able to expand its business in the mid-1990s, first to Italy and a little later to the whole world.

The establishment of Dorothee Schumacher in the fashion world

Today, the Dorothee Schumacher label has 140 employees in 16 different countries around the world. Since the foundation of her brand, the label has scored points for its attention to detail. Schumacher is convinced that the strength of every woman is her femininity and therefore she tries to emphasize this femininity with every fashion piece and to highlight it. According to her own statement, she addresses the woman who is "smart and attractive at the same time".

It is precisely this concept that brought Dorothee Schumacher to the very top of the fashion world. Various stars such as Elle Macpherson, Jessica Alba, Anna Maria Mühle or Joy Denalane are among the brand's fans. Dorothee Schumacher is also one of the labels that helped to set the famous Hollywood film "The Devil Wears Prada".

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