Seductive and innovative: hardly any other designer label demonstrates such a high level of creativity as Coccinelle. From the province of Parma, more precisely in Sala Baganza, the fashion designers created their first designs. In their creations, the Italian founders and employees realize their own vision of femininity. Coccinelle combines this unique language of form and colour with a typically Italian appearance.


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Coccinelle - Italian lightness

The origins of the now firmly established brand lie in the manufacture of leather goods. Right from the start, the makers paid particular attention to the quality of the materials. The durable and high quality fabrics served as the basis for impressive first handbags, manufactured at the founding location in Sala Baganza. To this day a number of products are still manufactured at the company's headquarters. As an independent company within the Mariella Burani Group, Coccinelle was also able to benefit from the experience of the entrepreneur Antichi Pellettieri after its foundation in 1978. The brand quickly expanded its product range accordingly. Belts, gloves, watches and wallets are also very popular today. The brand name Coccinelle can be translated as "ladybird". For this reason the logo also shows this insect.

Coccinelle - no longer just a statement in Italy

Initially popular mainly in Italy, Coccinelle has been generating a significant proportion of sales outside Europe since the 2000s at the latest. In 2006, for example, the company itself stated that 35 % of its sales were no longer generated in Italy. Over the decades, the brand has nonetheless always maintained its links with its Italian home. All accessories and handbags are characterised by their Mediterranean touch. In addition, extraordinary designs make the fashion pieces real eye-catchers. For many models, the company deliberately focuses on striking glitter particles and unusual patterns. But Coccinelle also offers plain shoppers and hobo bags to complement their outfit with a basic. In terms of colour, the Fiorentina also impresses with accentuated, luminous combinations. Thanks to the great variety in the range, the company leaves its mark with its fashion pieces in both leisure and evening wear.

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