High fashion and beautiful shoes for women, luxurious accessories, excellent fragrances and handbags in a class of their own - all these products are offered by the French fashion label Céline. In its fashion, the brand always focuses on a very clear modern and also luxurious look, without losing its suitability for everyday use. Relaxed styles, such as various simple hoodies and sweaters, as well as shirt dresses or skirts can be found in the brand's product range. Through them you can also browse in our shop Vite EnVogue and dress with the high-quality designer second hand fashion from Céline.


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Céline - the must-have in the wardrobe

The origin of the label Céline is in Paris. There the brand was founded in 1945 by the married couple Céline and Richard Vipiana and named after the first name of the woman. The original business idea of the two married couples was to manufacture exclusive children's shoes. However, as these shoes so convinced many mothers that they wanted copies for themselves, the label expanded its range to include luxurious shoes for women a little later - the brand's far-reaching triumphal march began.

Breakthrough through must-haves

However, the Céline brand did not achieve its final breakthrough into the top league of the fashion world by selling shoes, but by producing so-called "must-haves". In 1966, the company began to produce various accessories such as belts, handbags and gloves made of very high-quality leather. The good quality of these products meant that the label, which until then had only had a few branches around Paris, became known outside France and was able to expand into all sorts of countries around the world. To this day, the label stands for outstanding quality in leather goods that have been dubbed "must-haves". So it is not unusual that the introduction of a new handbag causes waiting lists all over the world, as the rush for it is so enormous. 

The company finally used its high profile to design women's fashion as well. The label's founder sees this as a "tribute to the modern woman", namely a woman who can live her life in self-determination without being patronized. This can also be seen again and again in the outfits: At Céline, suitability for everyday use always meets ultra-modern design.

Various designers shaped the image of the brand

Many outstanding designers have worked for the Céline label. From 1998 to 2004, for example, Michael Kors, who himself founded a well-known label, designed fashion for Céline. Roberto Menichetti and Ivana Omazic also worked for the brand. Since 2018, Hedi Slimane has been responsible as head designer at Céline. The young Frenchman always focuses on unusual and sometimes controversial styles.

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