7 for all mankind

The story of 7 for all mankind began in Los Angeles in 2000 with the idea of transforming unspectacular everyday jeans into fashion pieces - and revolutionized the fashion world. The founding of the innovative brand marked the first time that premium jeans fashion was produced on a grand scale.

Today "Sevens", as lovers call them, have absolute cult status. The leading lifestyle brand stands for innovation as well as quality and style awareness and is also extremely popular among stars and starlets. A designer second hand denim in which celebrities such as It-Girl Kim Kardashian, actors such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba and Ashton Kutscher and also royals such as Price Harry like to be seen, can be found at Vite EnVogue.

7 for all mankind

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7 for all mankind - Premium denim from Los Angeles

When Jérôme Dahan and Michael Glasser met clothing manufacturer Peter Koral at a fashion fair in 2000, the dream of high-quality premium jeans became reality for the two designers. At first, however, there were only models for women. The innovative use of high quality denim in combination with exciting cuts and details quickly aroused prominent interest. Stars, including Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, wore the trendy jeans, which were available in selected stores, and were the best advertisement for the company. In 2000, men's jeans were finally added to the range. 

In the same year, 7 for all mankind already had a turnover of $60 million and a profit of $20 million. With the money came the conflicts. Dahan and Glasser left and sued the young company, which from then on was run by Koral. Over time, the brand fell out of the fashion public's focus. In 2005, in order to get itself back on the map and continue to expand, Koral enlisted support from financial circles who regarded the premium niche, which was on the rise, as a good investment. 7 for all mankind was to become an international lifestyle brand. This meant adding new products - shoes, bags, perfumes and sportswear - to the range and opening its own stores. In the same year, children's jeans were launched on the market, so that the brand finally lived up to its name, namely that there is something for everyone.

Seven words, one promise

Originally denim was considered work clothing because of its functionality and durability and was initially a symbol of honest hard work, later also a sign of furious rebellion. As a fabric for workers and rebels, denim received little attention from fashion designers. That changed in the late 1990s when designers in Los Angeles got together to rethink denim. The idea was as simple as it was brilliant: from worker jeans to an expressive fashion piece, creating the extraordinary from the ordinary. The smallest details, cut, fit, seams, pockets, washes and fabric quality became the focus of creative fashion creation. The result: 7 for all mankind. One brand, seven words, one promise: "LOOK AND FEEL INCREDIBLE AT ANY MOMENT.

Designer pieces from 7 for all mankind in the Second Hand Shop

The denim manufacturer's name is based on a survey showing that every US American has an average of seven pairs of jeans in his wardrobe. To complement your wardrobe with some exciting designer second hand jeans from 7 for all mankind, you can find neat designer pieces from the cult brand, including all kinds of cuts, from skinny jeans to boyfriend cuts, in our Vite EnVogue online shop. A variety of fits and cuts optimizes the wearing comfort. For every figure type and every clothing style there is the perfect designer second hand denim piece. Have a look directly at Vite EnVogue!