Tommy Hilfiger

Blue, white, red - these are not only the colors of the US flag, but also the tones of the Tommy Hilfiger logo. From clothing to shoes, the New York City-based label shines in a sporty look. Whether sweatshirts, shirts, blouses or polo shirts: Tommy Hilfiger reflects the typical American college style. In addition to sporty clothing, more elegant pieces such as cotton shirts, printed dresses or single-colored silk blouses are also part of the repertoire. But whether casual-looking or classic style, all creations have one thing in common: the clean look makes them real combination talents.

Tommy Hilfiger

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Tommy Hilfiger 

Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion designer who has made a name for himself worldwide with his label of the same name and is considered one of the most successful designers. The company was founded in New York in 1985. Meanwhile, Tommy Hilfiger's fashion, which consists mainly of simple and sporty looks, is produced and distributed worldwide. Since 2006 the company has been based in Amsterdam. The trademark of the Tommy Hilfiger label is the logo in black, red and white, which also unmistakably adorns our designer second hand pieces at Vite EnVogue.

Tommy Hilfiger - the triumphal procession from New York to Europe

In 1985, Tommy Hilfiger founded the label named after him in New York, one of the world's largest fashion cities and metropolises. Here the designer still has one of his several residences. Early on, Tommy Hilfiger concentrated on large-scale advertising campaigns to market his brand: his fashion was presented and marketed on Times Square in New York, for example. In terms of style, Tommy Hilfiger's fashion is closely linked to that of designers Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. However, Tommy Hilfiger attaches great importance to giving classics that certain something extra. That's why you can find special details on most of his garments, such as buttonholes in other colours or different coloured jacket linings. Tommy Hilfiger also quickly made a name for himself with polo shirts. Within a few years, the company grew steadily and quickly made the leap to Europe.

Worldwide expansion of a cult label

With the founding of the label in 1985 and the IPO in 1991, the perfect foundations were laid for the company to open stores worldwide. As soon as the first stores had successfully started to open, Tommy Hilfiger devoted himself to other design areas. He didn't just want to sell sporty and classic fashion, but also wanted to go into the market with accessories, perfume and jeans. The designer has also succeeded in doing this perfectly to this day. In addition to his own shops, Tommy Hilfiger was now also found in large and well-known department stores, which further increased his customer base. Since 2000, the label has also been offering swimwear and golf clothing, whereby Tommy Hilfiger also concentrates on its strengths here, namely simple, high quality and labelled garments.

The different areas of Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger brand comprises various divisions and sub-brands. First there is the Tommy Hilfiger brand itself, which stands for fashionable sportswear. Under Tommy Hilfiger, the label also sells children's clothing, underwear, shoes, furniture, perfumes and accessories. Then there is the Tailored Collection line, under which business clothing is sold. Fashion from the Hilfiger Collection, which is also presented on the catwalks, is sold at higher prices. Hilfiger Denim, on the other hand, stands for the label's jeans collection. In the Tommy Sport category, the company focuses on practical and fashionable sportswear.

Designer fashion by Tommy Hilfiger at Vite EnVogue

As you can see, Tommy Hilfiger has a whole range of great clothes, good fragrances or pretty accessories. To save some money and at the same time take part in the triumphal procession of the famous company, you can order your designer second hand fashion by Tommy Hilfiger comfortably and easily in the Vite EnVogue online shop. You'll look great in your new Tommy Hilfiger shirt when you play sports or when you go shopping with a modern bag from the designer label. Get your designer second hand shirt from Tommy Hilfiger today at Vite EnVogue.