Philipp Plein

Extravagance meets high-quality materials at the Philipp Plein brand. The characteristic skull, which can be seen on most styles of the brand, always attracts attention - and that is exactly the goal of the label Philipp Plein. With the fancy and unusual styles, the brand always tries to surprise and thus draw attention to the wearer or the wearer. In addition to the standout fashion, Philipp Plein also offers various accessories and its own interior design line. We at Vite EnVogue, the store for high quality designer second hand fashion, know with which styles the perfect attention can be created. Just click through our wide range of Philipp Plein fashion and see for yourself.

Philipp Plein

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Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein fashion - attention is guaranteed

The origin of the company is in Munich, the birthplace of designer Philipp Plein. Even in his youth, Plein was very interested in fashion and design, and as early as 1998, at the age of 20, he began designing exclusive furniture and fashion. He then achieved his international breakthrough in 2004, and since then Philipp Plein has become an established brand on the global fashion market. Today, the label employs around 100 people around the world and has showrooms in 65 countries. In addition, there are several flagship stores in cities such as Monte Carlo, Cannes, Dubai, Seoul and many more. Thus, Philipp Plein has become a big player in the fashion world over time - and the label continues to grow.

Perfection in every detail

For designer Philipp Plein, attention to detail is very important in his designs. His goal is to make each piece a bit unique through the special details. This perfection is combined with playful elements, so that a very special kind of luxury and elegance appears. 

Thereby Philipp Plein offers fashion for men as well as for women. The men's collections always convince with very masculine elements, while in the collections for women the femininity is very well brought to the fore. Thus, the label managed to convince with both sexes. For the various styles, only very high-quality materials are always used. Especially the material leather is used by Philipp Plein very much.

Experience the star label in designer second hand

Philipp Plein has had them all in front of the camera. Whether the international top model Naomi Campbell, the actress Lindsay Lohan or the actor Ed Westwick - they have all been the face of a Philipp Plein campaign.

Do you also want to feel like a star from these campaigns and attract all the attention with Philipp Plein styles? Then our Vite EnVogue store is the right place for you! Our wide selection of certified designer second hand fashion is sure to leave nothing to be desired.