The Lanvin brand has a very high status among trendsetters and fashion lovers. It was founded in 1889 in Paris. The designer Jeanne Lanvin was not only the eponym of the traditional fashion label, but also created a true house of tradition with the founding of her company: because today Lanvin is the oldest, continuously managed fashion label in France. Lanvin has a multitude of own boutiques worldwide, but is also represented in large department stores. The brand now not only sells high-quality and exclusive fashion, but also accessories, perfumes and children's clothing. At Vite EnVogue you can easily shop online for the popular pieces of the designer label and bring the traditional and exclusive label into your home.

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The traditional house Lanvin

In 1889 Jeanne Lanvin opened her first store in one of the most exclusive streets in Paris. She was a trained hatter and at first only sold hats. However, shortly afterwards she concentrated on men's fashion and had various commissions to outfit important and famous people. From 1903 Jeanne Lanvin also designed girls' dresses and from 1908 generally children's clothing. Her circle of fame and popularity grew steadily, so that from 1909 she was able to design the first haute couture fashion. Bright colours, youthful styles and playful embroidery made these creations something very special. With the romantic designs, Lanvin was able to quickly distinguish herself from the classic designs of the Chanel fashion house and address her own customer base. 

The special colour of the label is the "Lanvin Blue": a particularly strong lilac shade, which is produced in the company's own dye works. The label's exclusive designs were complemented by a sports line in 1923. Just one year later, the first fragrance line from Lanvin was launched on the market. Designer Jeanne Lanvin died in 1946, and many different designers worked for Lanvin, including her daughter Marie-Blanche, who took over the company.

New success for Lanvin

Lanvin had constant success, but after the death of Jeanne Lanvin the company began to "rust" a little bit. The upheaval and revival of the label finally followed in the 1990s: Here, numerous French fashion labels were able to revive and enjoy new popularity. Since then, Lanvin is once again one of the most influential fashion houses in Paris. Since 2006, the label's menswear in particular has been extremely successful. Even today, under different designers, Lanvin still produces colourful dresses with elegant cuts that stand for feminine designs. 

In 2009 Lanvin celebrated its 120th anniversary and opened many new stores in the following years. Especially with its conquest of the Japanese market Lanvin could celebrate great success. For Japan a separate collection - the Lanvin Collection - was created for women and men. This was followed in 2004 by a youthful line, the Lanvin en Bleu. Meanwhile Lanvin makes more sales on the Japanese market than in the rest of the world.

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