Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is known for its high-quality eyewear, shoes, fragrances and men's and women's fashion lines and is suitable for all occasions - from relaxed casual wear to the fashionable elegance of its tailor-made collections. Since the brand's inception in 1924, Hugo Boss has continued to expand its portfolio and now includes numerous sub-brands. Within the Boss brand there is a fitness and casual collection and last but not least a modern and strong business wear collection that takes the brand's origins to a new level: Hugo Boss Black Label.

Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Black Label - Business in perfection

The designer label Hugo Boss started in 1924 as a small German factory that produced uniforms and overalls. The real success story, however, began in the 1950s when the founder's grandchildren took the helm and introduced a range of professional luxury suits for men. A few decades later, and although the brand has been expanded with more lines over the years, Hugo Boss is still known for its elegant luxury suits. You could say that they are the heritage of the brand and live on in Boss Black Label.

The three-brand strategy

Originally, all sub-brands were simply sitting under the roof of Hugo Boss. In 1993, the brand divided its range into the Hugo, Boss and Baldessarini lines as part of its three-brand strategy.

Six years after the two sub-labels Hugo and Boss were founded, a sports and leisure collection was introduced in 1999 with Boss Orange. The collection flanked both the classic styling of the Boss label and the more progressive Hugo line.

Another collection from the Boss sub-brand family, Boss Golf Wear, was created in 1997 following the brand's success in golf sponsorship. This line was later renamed Boss Green. By 2017, the company reduced the number of labels to the original Boss and Hugo, with Boss Orange and Boss Green being integrated into the core brand from the SS18 collection onwards.

Boss Black Label ist Boss Business

Think of classic formal silhouettes that are tailored to absolute perfection. Suits and shirts made from the best fabrics and finished with impeccable attention to detail. Boss Black Label was designed for the modern worker. Each garment is refined, traditional and with a great contemporary touch. Whether you are attending an important job interview, working in a chic city office or running your own company, Boss Black Label is always the perfect choice.

Boss Black Label is one of the freshest designer labels in the industry. It's a brand that knows its own identity, sticks to its roots and that's why it's so popular. The designers behind Hugo Boss know what they do best. It's not for nothing that the business wear of today is as popular as it was almost a century ago - also in our designer second hand online shop Vite EnVogue.

Buy Designer Second Hand Fashion from Hugo Boss Black Label online

Here in the online shop of Vite EnVogue you can expect selected designer second hand clothing, including many classics from Hugo Boss Black Label. In the discreet and classic pieces, from business shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts to jackets, shoes and accessories, you'll always look good. The models are available in various subtle but trendy colours. Shop now at Vite EnVogue and experience designer second hand at its best!