Marc Jacobs

Styles that look as if they come from another world - that's exactly what the Marc Jacobs brand stands for. The label offers fashion for both women and men, the assortment ranges from shoes to clothes to caps. The outfits shine especially with their very straight cuts. However, it is almost impossible to classify the brand's outfits into one category. For example, Marc Jacobs' collections alternate with childlike and playful elements with collections that inevitably make you think of foreign worlds à la "Alice in Wonderland". Convince yourself of the hip styles in the Designer Second Hand Shop of Vite EnVogue.


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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs - elegant and high-priced

The history of the Marc Jacobs company began in 1986 when the designer who gave the brand its name founded it: Marc Jacobs. For a long time Jacobs not only worked for his own brand, but also produced fashion for other brands. In the meantime, he was, among others, chief designer for Louis Vuitton and Perry Ellis. Only when he was relieved of his duties at Perry Ellis because of a failed collection, he was able to fully focus on the business at Marc Jacobs and let his label rise to the top of the luxury fashion companies.

Marc Jacobs has always stood for very elegant, but also very high-priced clothing. Furthermore, the brand never commits itself to a certain style and changes its fashion direction usually in a rhythm of one year.

An unmistakable style

Despite these constant changes in orientation, Marc Jacobs' styles are always recognizable. The designer shaped the fashion landscape with his very own and completely distinctive style, which made him so famous and so successful. Especially for his basics, for example his relatively simple but at the same time fashionably impressive shirts, Jacobs always receives a lot of encouragement. The slim-fitting suits for business or accessories such as handbags with matching purses also earned the company a lot of praise. The clothes that Marc Jacobs publishes, on the other hand, take a bit of getting used to. Only rarely does the company make simple models here, usually using bright colours or unusual patterns. 

In addition to the products mentioned above, Marc Jacobs offers all kinds of other fashion for men and women, shoes made of real leather and glasses. The latest product launch was also the Marc Jacobs fragrances in 2011.

Marc Jacobs - the brand of the stars and for you!

Among the stars in Hollywood, Marc Jacobs is one of the hottest designers around. Actresses such as Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Selmar Blair are among the brand's fans. The good news for you is that you too can easily acquire a few styles from Marc Jacobs. In our store Vite EnVogue you will find a wide range of very high quality designer second hand fashion in a top quality - and at a top price.